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Contacts see different privileged access information
Answer ID 2305   |   Last Review Date 07/23/2019

Why aren't contacts seeing the same privileged access information?


Contacts, Privileged Access, SLAs
Oracle B2C Service


With regard to privileged access, if contacts have the same Service Level Agreement (SLA) applied to them but can see different content and answers, this indicates that the SLA has been edited since it was applied to one of the contacts. That is, if you apply an SLA to a contact and then edit the SLA, if you then apply that SLA to another contact, the two contacts may actually have different privileges depending on how the SLA was edited -- even though the name of the SLA has not changed.

This can happen regardless of whether the SLA is applied to a contact record or the organization record.

To evaluate this, open each record and click on the SLA field on the Organization or Contact tab. In the SLA Edit pop-up window, note and compare the Active Date fields for each of the records. If the dates are different for each record, this indicates that the SLA was likely edited sometime between the active dates for the records. As a result, the actual SLA applied to the second record changed from when it was first applied.

Note: Whenever an SLA is edited, it is not automatically reapplied to contacts and organizations. For this reason, it is a best practice to NOT edit an SLA once it has been applied to a contact or organization record. Instead, create a new SLA under a different name and apply it to your records accordingly.

To reapply an SLA to a contact or organization record, you must first delete the outdated SLA and then apply the updated SLA.

  1. Open the contact or organization record and double click on the SLA field.

  2. In the SLA Edit pop-up window, click Delete next to the SLA and click OK. 

  3. Then, click OK to close the SLA pop-up window. 

  4. Save the contact or organization record.

  5. Re-open the contact or organization record and click the SLA field.

  6. Add the SLA to the record. Click Add SLA Instance and select the SLA and active date. 

  7. Click OK to close the SLA window. 

  8. Then, save the contact or organization record.

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