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SLA Instance options are missing in incident workspace field
Answer ID 11310   |   Last Review Date 01/08/2020

Why does the SLA Instance drop down on an incident contain only 'No Value' despite the contact and organization having correct SLAs?


Workspaces / Incidents / SLAs


When an incident is created, it does not automatically inherit the SLA(s) assigned to the contact and/or organization record associated to the incident.  An SLA instance must be associated to an incident either via a Staff Account edit to the incident or by a business rule making the association. 

When a Staff Account edits an incident, the "SLA Instance" field on the incident workspace will contain available SLA options in a drop-down menu.  The list of the SLA options displayed is determined by the SLAs assigned to the contact and/or organization record associated to the incident.  This behavior is seen when incidents are created via the Incident Console, Email, Chat or "Ask a Question".  

However, when incidents are created via other sources that do not match the sources mentioned above no SLA options are available in the "SLA Instance" drop-down menu despite the contact and/or organization record associated to the incident having an SLA applied.  This is the intended behavior for incidents created from other sources (i.e. Survey flows, Data Import, APIs).  As a result, incidents created from these sources must have an SLA instance associated by a business rule.

Should you wish to submit an enhancement request regarding this behavior, you can post that to the Oracle Cloud Customer Connect Idea Lab.  See Answer ID 542: Enhancement requests review and evaluation for more information.