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Oracle B2C Service Service Level Agreement (SLA) Changes in November 2016 Release
Answer ID 8749   |   Last Review Date 09/16/2019

What does my organization need to know about the changes to the Org / Contact SLA Future Active Date in the November 2016 release?


This article pertains to the Oracle B2C Service SLA functionality for Organizations and Contacts.

Background Information about SLA:

An SLA is a service level agreement. SLAs allow your organization to assign and track customer service, such as the number of questions a customer can submit through different channels and the duration of support. For details about creating an SLA, refer to Answer 1837: Setting up service level agreements (SLAs). For details about applying an SLA to an organization or contact, refer to Answer 1944: Applying SLAs to an organization or contact or Setting up SLAs.

SLA instances can be applied manually by staff members whose profiles grant them permission to work with SLAs or automatically through business rules in Service. For information about how to apply SLA thru business rules, refer to Answer 2775: Assigning SLAs using rules.

Problem Description:

The issue reported is that SLA instances which are scheduled to be active on a future date are set to active only on the day following the specified active date. The intended behavior is to have the SLA instances be set to active on the specified active date.

A simple workaround to avoid this issue is to set the SLA active date on the day that you need it to be active and not set it in the future. However, if you need to set it in the future, continue reading the rest of this article.


To implement this change we have introduced a new configuration verb in the November 2016 release. SLA_INSTANCES_ACTIVATE_ON_ACTIVE_DATE_ENABLED has been created to allow customers to control when the SLA instances scheduled for future date should be set to active and maintain the current SLA behavior if desired.

  • A value of 1 for this configuration verb indicates the SLA instances will be set to active on the scheduled active date specified.
  • A value of 0 for this configuration verb indicates that the SLA instances will be set to active on the day following the active date specified.

For new sites that begin using the November 2016 release (or later), the default value for this configuration verb will be Yes which means that the SLA instances will be set to active on the specified active date. No further changes are required.

For existing sites that upgrade to the November 2016 release, the default value for this configuration verb will be No which means that if you want to change the behavior so the SLA instances are active on the specified active date, you must go and update the SLA_INSTANCES_ACTIVATE_ON_ACTIVE_DATE_ENABLED = 1. For additional instructions on how to set this configuration verb, refer to the documentation Customizing configuration settings.

How long will we have to use the configuration Verb?
The configuration verb SLA_INSTANCES_ACTIVATE_ON_ACTIVE_DATE_ENABLED will be made available starting in the November 2016 release. After 2 years, at approximately the November 2018 release, this configuration verb will be removed and the intended behavior will be made permanent (i.e. the SLA will become active on the scheduled active date).

How do I know if I am running into this issue?
You can run two standard reports to see if you configured any SLAs where the Status is Inactive, and you can look at the Active Date to see if it is set in the future.

Under Reports Explorer, navigate to \Public Reports\Service\SLA and look for two reports called:

  • SLA Instances by Contact
  • SLA Instances by Organization

Here is a screen shot of the SLA instances by Organization where I have created an SLA called My SLA that has an Active Date set to a date in the future.


If the above reports return any records where the Status = Inactive and Active Date is in the future, that means that you could be encountering this issue and you may want to apply the November 2016 release if you want to change the behavior.

Where can we ask questions about SLAs?
In addition to your account team, the Agent Desktop Forum in Oracle Cloud Customer Connect is a great place for questions about all Oracle B2C Service SLAs and functionality.

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