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Associating multiple incidents together
Answer ID 2295   |   Last Review Date 09/11/2019

How can we link multiple incidents to one another?


Oracle B2C Service, All versions


In the Oracle B2C Service Console, reference numbers added to an incident thread are a link. When the staff member clicks the link, the incident with that reference number opens in a new tab. Even in edit mode before the incident is saved, numbers with a reference number format are links.

The reference number can be added to the Customer Entry, Notes, or Response field.  This allows you to add related reference numbers to the Notes area if you wish to establish relationships between incidents without having them visible to the end-user. 

When viewed from the Account - Support History page, reference numbers included in the customer or response threads are not links. This functionality is used only on the administration pages.

If you include a reference number for an incident that has been deleted or does not exist in your site, the staff member sees a pop-up window indicating that the reference number is not valid.

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