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Deleting an organization in Oracle B2C Service
Answer ID 2150   |   Last Review Date 02/07/2023

How do I delete an organization in my Oracle B2C Service application?


Organizations, All versions


IMPORTANT! It is very important to understand that deleting an organization affects many other records that are tied to that organization record. There is no record restore option for this action and, once a record is deleted, you will be unable to restore that record to your site.  When you delete an organization, you permanently delete not only the organization record itself, but you also delete or modify all contact records that are associated with the organization -- which also impacts their incidents. Deleting an organization also permanently deletes sales opportunities that are associated to the organization.

Deleting an organization, permanently alters or deletes the following items from your database:

All contacts that are associated to the organization 
All incidents that are associated with the organization's contacts are also deleted 
All sales opportunities and tasks that are associated to the organization 

Only staff members whose profiles allow them to delete organization records have the ability to delete these records. The ability to delete organizations is configured on the Organization tab of the staff profile's Permissions options.

Before you delete an organization: be sure to review all contacts, incidents, opportunities, and tasks. It may be necessary to associate records with a different contact or organization before you delete the organization of interest.

Cascading Delete - Versions 21C and below

Deleting a parent object from the console will also delete all child objects except for some corner cases. Please seeWhat happens when I delete a contact who has records assigned to it? for more information on what happens when the organization record triggers the child contacts to also be deleted.  

Delete with Orphan Sweep - Versions 21D and above

When parent objects are deleted in 21D and above, the child objects are now not deleted but removed from association to the deleted object.

Previously, when an organization was deleted, the contacts and incidents associated to that organization were also deleted. 

Now, when an organization is deleted, the associated contacts and incidents are not deleted but are updated to set the associated Organization ID to NULL. These updates are performed in an asynchronous manner so a delay in nulling out these values is normal and to be expected.

This is the same functionality used by the Bulk Delete API when custom code deletes objects.  For more information on using the Bulk Delete API please refer to Answer ID 12209: Incident contact set to null when contact is deleted via API.

To delete the organization record: After you have reviewed the contacts, incidents, opportunities, and tasks associated with the organization and determine that the organization record can be deleted, use the steps below.

  1. From the Reports Explorer or your navigation items, select a report that allows you to search by organization. 
  2. From the Support or Sales Console, select a report that allows you to search by organization. 
  3. Click the Search button to search for the organization by name. 
  4. In the search results, highlight the row that corresponds to the organization you wish to delete.

    If there are multiple organizations listed, be sure you select the correct record. It may be necessary to open the organization record to determine which specific record you have selected and to verify that you have highlighted the correct record. 
  5. After verifying that you have selected the correct organization record, close the organization record (if you opened it for review). 
  6. From the report, right click on the organization and select Delete > Organization. 
  7. A pop-up window will display asking for verification that you want to delete the organization and associated contacts, incidents, and opportunities. Click Yes to delete the record(s).

At this point, the organization and associated contacts, incidents, opportunities, and tasks have been permanently deleted from the database.