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Deleting contacts which have records assigned to them
Answer ID 8008   |   Last Review Date 04/23/2021

What happens when I delete a contact who has records assigned to it?


Oracle B2C Service, All versions


Please note that you need to be careful when deleting contact records from the Oracle B2C Service console. There is no record restore option for this action and, once the record is deleted, you will be unable to restore that record to your site.

Important: When you delete a contact record from your application, you also delete all incidents and tasks that are associated with that contact. Additionally, please note that file attachments, assets and campaigns are not affected by the contact deletion.  The contact field on opportunities associated with the deleted contact is nulled out and any opportunity records will remain.

If you wish to retain the incidents and tasks for archiving purposes, you can edit the contact record and disable it (the standard contact workspace needs to be modified accordingly in order to use this feature). More information on this option is available in Answer ID 1367: Disabling a contact record from Oracle B2C Service.

If you wish to retrieve the file attachments from the incidents that have been deleted, you need to initiate a consulting engagement with our Oracle Consulting Services team.

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