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Determining which contacts and organizations have SLAs applied
Answer ID 2119   |   Last Review Date 12/19/2018

How can I determine which of our contact and organization records have service level agreements (SLAs) applied to them?


Analytics, Service Level Agreement (SLA)
Oracle B2C Service


To determine which SLA instances have been applied to contacts or organizations, you can create custom reports that join the sla_instances database table to the contacts or organizations table.

For example, to determine which contact records have SLA instances applied to them, you can create a custom report similar to the following:

  • Data Set:
    sla_instances joined to the contacts table
  • Run-time Selectable Filters:
    sla_instances.state in list Any
    (allows you to filter for active SLAs or disabled SLAs if necessary)

    (allows you to report on specific SLA names of interest)
  • Output Columns:
    contacts.full_name -- contact's first and last name
    sla_instances.sla_id -- the name of the SLA
    sla_instances.slai_id -- the database ID for the SLA instance
    sla_instances.state -- whether the SLA is active, disabled, not ready or used up
    sla_instances.activedate -- date the SLA instance was applied

If you are using organization records, then the SLA instance must be applied to the organization record, so you could create a similar report as above except you would use the organizations table instead of the contacts table.