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Deleting service level agreements and SLA instances
Answer ID 2095   |   Last Review Date 12/19/2018

How can I delete service level agreements (SLAs). I can disable them, but cannot delete them.


Service Level Agreements (SLAs),


When working with service level agreements (SLAs), there is a cascading effect between the SLAs and the records within your Oracle B2C Service application.

First, an SLA must be created in the Service Level Agreements table and the Active checkbox must be enabled for the SLA. The Service Level Agreements table is accessed from the Service Administration / Configuration items. 
When an SLA is applied to organization or contact record, it is called an SLA instance. 
If a contact or organization has an SLA instance applied, then incidents associated with the contact or organization can have the SLA instance specified in the SLA field for that incident. When this occurs, the response requirements associated with the SLA instance are applied to that specific incident. 
Whether SLAs or SLA instances can be deleted depend on which version your site is on and how and where the SLA or SLA instance has been applied. 

Removing SLA Instances from Contacts or Organizations

Once the SLA has been applied to a contact or organization record and the record has been saved, you cannot delete the SLA instance. You can disable the SLA instance, though, by unchecking the Active box next within the SLA instance.

The only time you can delete an SLA instance is if you added it to a record and then decide to remove it before the record is saved. In that situation, you can click the Delete option next to the SLA instance in the pop-up window.

Deleting SLAs from the Service Level Agreements Table

When working with SLAs defined in the Service Level Agreements table, whether the SLA can be deleted depends on whether it is applied to a contact or organization. If the SLA is associated to any contact or organization -- even in a disabled state -- then the SLA cannot be deleted.

SLAs can only be deleted if it has never been applied and saved to a contact or organization record.  Once the SLA instance has been applied and saved to a record, you can only disable the SLA instance. As a result, the SLA cannot be deleted.