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Using an AND join with keyword searching
Answer ID 2049   |   Last Review Date 09/11/2019

When searching, can I configure Oracle B2C Service to use an AND between words instead of the OR join?


Phrase Searching in Oracle B2C Service


By default, Oracle B2C Service uses OR as a connector between words when multiple words are included in a search. This is for searching both answers and incidents. You can modify two configuration settings that allow you to specify whether the words should be joined by OR or by AND.

ANS_AND_SEARCH: If enabled, Complex Expression and regular Phrases searches performed on answers at both the end-user Answers tab and at the administration console are treated as though the words are joined by an AND connector (Boolean "AND" searches). If disabled, words are joined by an OR connector (Boolean "OR" searches). This option does not affect Similar or Exact Search. Default is disabled (No).

Note: Aliasing works with both AND or OR searching as configured by the ANS_AND_SEARCH configuration setting.  However, if aliases contain spaces, phrases will be expanded before aliases are processed.  Example:

Assume the aliases.txt file contains (note the space within RIGHT NOW):  RIGHT NOW,RNT
Assume an answer contains "RNT".
Search for "RIGHT NOW"

If ANS_AND_SEARCH is enabled, a search for "RIGHT NOW" will not return the RNT answer since a Boolean AND search tries to match all single word phrases.  In this case, it would try to match both "RIGHT" and "NOW".  Since "RIGHT" and "NOW" do not have aliases, the search will not match the RNT answer even though the "RIGHT NOW" phrases will expand to include "RNT". 

SC_AND_SEARCH: If enabled, searches performed on incidents at both the Account - Questions page and the administrative console are joined by an AND connector (Boolean "AND" searches). If disabled, words are joined by an OR connector (Boolean "OR" searches).

Path to setting(s): Select Configuration from the navigation area > Site Configuration > Configuration Settings > and search by Key.

For more information on accessing the Configuration Editor and editing settings, refer to Answer ID 1960: Editing Configuration Settings.

Note: With the ANS_AND_SEARCH or SC_AND_SEARCH configuration setting enabled, an OR search is no longer possible with searching. Instead, the user might begin searching with a three- or four-word combination, and if the incident or answer isn't returned, the user could do a less restrictive two- or three-word search followed by an even less restrictive search.

If you want to have the ability to do both OR and AND searching, you can disable the configuration setting and use the "+" character before each word in your search string to indicate that each word must be in the incident or answer in order to be returned in the search.