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Adding and editing tasks
Answer ID 2008   |   Last Review Date 11/14/2018

How do I add and edit tasks?




Tasks can be either stand-alone items that are independent of any other records in the application or they can be associated with any of the records listed below:

  • incident
  • answer
  • contact
  • organization
  • opportunity
  • campaign
  • document
  • mailing
  • survey

The ability to add, edit, read, or delete tasks is controlled by the staff profile permissions on the Tasks tab. The content to enter for tasks is controlled by the task workspace specified in the profile.
In addition, the default workspaces for other record types include a Tasks tab that allows users to add or edit tasks when editing a record. For example, when editing an incident, the staff member can click the Task tab to add or edit a task associated with that incident.
When tasks are configured within a sales strategy, tasks will automatically appear on your Task tab when you select the sales strategy on the Summary tab for the opportunity.
If you change an opportunity's strategy, all current tasks associated with the original strategy will be deleted from the opportunity and be replaced with tasks associated with the new strategy.  Any custom tasks will not be modified.  
You can create custom reports that list tasks associated with specific staff members or staff groups. You can also create task rules to reassign tasks or change status based on IF criteria you specify in the rules.
To add a task: Click on the RightNow Application button and Select Task. The new Task opens and by default, the new task is assigned to the staff member who creates it. Add content to the task including a name, status, priority and due date.  The default task workspace allows users to associate the task to a specific record type.
If you are working in a record already, click the Tasks tab and select Add > Add New. Create your new task in the pop-up window. Add the content to your task and click OK. Then save the record that you attached the task to.
Important! If you are adding a task to an existing record, you must save the record after you define the task. That is, if you are adding a task to an incident, you must save the incident in order for the task to be created. If you merely click OK and then cancel out of the incident, the edits you made to the incident are not save and as a result, the task is not created.
For additional information, refer to the 'Core Features > Tasks' section in the Online Help User Guide documentation for the version your site is currently running. To access Oracle B2C Service manuals and documentation online, refer to the Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Products.