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Improving site performance for Oracle B2C Service
Answer ID 1904   |   Last Review Date 12/19/2018

How can I improve the performance of my Oracle B2C Service site?


Recommendations for optimal performance


Review the items below to identify options in resolving performance issues with your Oracle B2C Service application:

System Requirements: Ensure that your computing environment meets the minimum specifications for your release. To view the system requirements, refer to Answer ID 31: System Requirements

Evaluate Console Reports and Views: Ensure that the reports used return a limited number of records so that the database query does not display extremely large numbers of records or an unnecessary level of detail. This is a common issue that arises when diagnosing performance issues.

For more information on improving report performance, refer to Answer ID 2844: Using the report analyzer with custom reports

Delete Temporary Internet Files: Delete temporary Internet files on the machines where speed and performance is a problem. From the browser toolbar, select Tools > Internet Options. On the General tab, in the Temporary Internet Files section, click Delete Files. 

Traceroute: Check the speed and the connection route from your location. A traceroute determines the speed and route that your requests are traveling across the Internet. For instructions on performing a traceroute refer to: Answer ID 1104: Running a Traceroute.

Note: In situations where sporadic performance problems are experienced, it is useful to have traceroute results from periods of problematic performance as well as from periods of relatively good performance. 

If these steps do not resolve your performance issues with your site, submit a service request to Ask Technical Support. Be sure to include the following information with your assistance request:

  • Specific information as it relates to your issue, including actions you have taken 

  • Approximate performance statistics and how these compare with normal times for you to complete these actions from your location on your site 

  • Traceroute results performed from your location.

The more detailed information that you can provide in your assistance request will allow the Oracle B2C Service Technical Support group to investigate more fully.