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Answers Viewed report lists non-public answers
Answer ID 1878   |   Last Review Date 12/12/2018

When we review the Answers Viewed report, some of the answers listed are not published anymore. Why are those answers listed?


Answers, Analytics


Within the Answers Viewed report, if an answer was published and then removed from the end-user pages, hits to that answer while it was still public are included in the report.

For example, if an answer was published through May 15 and then set to a private status, if you run the Answers Viewed report for May, the answer is included in the report and displays the number of hits from May 1 through May 15.

Hits to private answers: If the answer was made private prior to the date range of your report, the answer can still be included in the report.  If an end-user viewed the answer when it was public and then saved it to their Favorites list in Internet Explorer, when the end-user tries to use the link from their Favorites list, it still counts as a hit, even though the answer is no longer public and displays a Permission Denied message.