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Answer not found when phrase used in that answer is searched on
Answer ID 1637   |   Last Review Date 09/23/2021

Why isn't the answer found when I search on a phrase that I know is in the answer?


Answer Phrase Searching
Oracle B2C Service (OSvC)


I have an answer that includes a specific phrase, yet when I search on that phrase, the answer is not listed in the search results. We're not seeing why the answer is not found when searching on a phrase we know is in the answer.

When an answer is saved, the answer's content is indexed in the knowledge base, and the answer is instantly available for searching. Single words and 2- and 3-word phrases may be indexed for an answer. Two factors determine whether a word or phrase is indexed:

  • Excluded wordlist file. If the word is listed in the exclude file, the word itself and phrases containing that word are not indexed for the answer, and answers containing that word or phrase are not returned in a search.
  • Limitation on phrases indexed. There is a limit as to the number of unique words and phrases that are indexed for each answer. This represents the maximum number of words and phrases that can be added to the phrases table for each answer. 

    The limit is 750 unique words and phrases.  As a result of this limit, words and phrases that are located toward the end of a long answer may not be indexed for that answer and as a result may not be searchable.

Therefore, if an answer is not returned with a search and you know that the word or phrase exists in the answer, check to see if any of the words are excluded for searching. In addition, you may need to see where within the answer the word or phrase is located. If the word or phrase is towards the bottom of a long answer, the word or phrase may not be getting indexed due to the phrase limit.

1. Review the list of indexed phrases for the answer and see if there are any that you can add to your stop words list. (You may need to request this from Technical Support.)
    a. This will potentially free up room in your Answer Phrases table to index the needed terms.
2. Try adding the search term as a keyword on the answer (i.e. Open answer for edit > enter words in Keywords field on Answer Text tab)
    a. This should allow this answer to be returned when the term is searched on
3. Consider if the answer can be shortened or divided into multiple answers. 
    a. Since this 750 term limit is for all your answers this may be something to consider when making future answers.

For more information on reviewing the excluded wordlist file and evaluating the phrase indexing limitation, refer to Answer ID 1914: Indexing Keywords and Phrases for Answers.