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Adding words to an answer to be pulled up with a search
Answer ID 889   |   Last Review Date 01/08/2019

How can I add words to an answer so that it is more likely to be pulled up with a search?


Answer, Keywords
Oracle B2C Service


You may want to add words to a public answer so that the answer is more likely to be pulled up in the results of a specific search.

When creating or editing an answer, the Keywords field allows you to explicitly state keywords and phrases related to the content of the answer. This field is not viewable by end-users. You can enter supplemental keywords, phrases, acronyms, or text that represent the answer’s contents. This field is indexed in the same process as the Summary, Question, and Answer fields. Words and phrases must be separated by commas in the list.

Important Note: When adding keywords and phrases to an answer, multiple entries MUST be separated by commas. Failure to include items in a comma-separated list could result in improper search results and performance issues.

The Keywords field is listed beneath the Summary field.

For more information on keywords, refer to Answer ID 1301: Keywords Field when Editing Answers.

Aliases: You can also use the aliases.txt file to create a list of synonyms to be used for searching your entire set of answers. That way, you don't have to copy the same set of keywords into several answers. Instead, you can define the common list of business-specific synonyms to be used with all answer searches. For more information on using the aliases.txt file, refer to Answer ID 1995: Using a list of common aliases and keywords for all answers.