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Create groupings of custom fields when viewing records
Answer ID 1500   |   Last Review Date 12/17/2018

How can I create groupings of displayed custom fields so that I can find related information more easily?


Custom Fields, Folders


You can create folders for use with your custom fields. Then, you can drag and drop your custom fields to be in a specific folder. This allows you to group fields based on similar content.

When viewing the custom fields in a record, the folder name becomes a shaded heading for that group of custom fields. That way, when viewing the record, you can easily see your groups of custom fields based on the folders they are in.

When organizing your custom fields, if you have some fields that are not in a folder, those custom fields will display above or below the folder as listed in the custom fields table.

To add folders for your custom fields, use the steps below:

  1. From the Custom Fields tree, in the left panel, right click on the custom field type and select New Folder.
  2. In the pop-up box, enter the common name, language name, and description for the folder.

    Note: The ID for the folder displays when you hover over the folder name. 
  3. Drag and drop the custom fields to the folder.

Note: When working with folders, you can also drag and drop the folder itself to a different location in the list. When dragging a folder, when you first click on the folder name, the contents in the folder may expand or collapse. Continue pressing the left-mouse button and drag the folder to its new location.

Note: You can also configure custom fields to display horizontally across a page. For more information on configuring multiple columns, refer to Answer ID 715: Display Order and Number of Columns for Custom Fields.