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Including HTML in standard responses
Answer ID 1434   |   Last Review Date 02/27/2019

How are Standard Text values used in Incident responses?


HTML, Standard Text, Email


I would like to use HTML in my standard text responses, such as bolded text or a change in font color. I have enabled all email messages as HTML. I have created some standard text responses and populated the HTML Value field.

How can I have the HTML version of the response sent with the email?


Use of HTML Field in Standard Text

When creating a standard text response, the contents in the HTML value are appended to the incident when a Business Rule uses the Append Response Template to Solution Field action. When the customer submits the Ask a Question request, the content of the HTML field is displayed in HTML on the end-user pages when the customer clicks Submit. The customer must then click Finish Submitting Question in order for the incident to be created.

The HTML value is also used when the thread control on your workspace is set to Rich Text and the standard text is used as a response in a workflow rule or the agent adds it to the response thread.

Note:  The text value is used when the thread control on your workspace is set to Plain text and the agent adds a standard text response or a workflow rule adds a response. 

To include HTML formatting in standard text that is sent as a response to an incident, you must include the HTML code in the HTML Value field when you create the standard text response. When the response is sent, the HTML code is rendered in the sent email message.

Note: As of the November 2012 release, you can use custom message templates, per interface, to customize your administration notifications, administrator emails, and contact emails. You can customize your message content, enable and disable notifications and emails, as well as define the message format as HTML or text. For more information on this functionality, refer to Answer ID 5380: Customizing notifications and email messages sent by Oracle B2C Service.