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Accessing Oracle B2C Service guides, release notes, online help and update documentation
Answer ID 1350   |   Last Review Date 01/12/2020

Where can I access the guides and other release documentation for our Oracle B2C Service products?


Oracle B2C Service, Documentation, Manuals, Tutorials


Documentation, online help pages and release readiness information for Oracle B2C Service products are available from the Oracle B2C Service Support pages. The Learning link in the top navigation area provides options for several areas.  

To help you prepare for a successful transition for our latest release, Release Resources link will provide you a centralized view of what is included in the latest release and recent releases. 

The answers below provide additional links to online documentation. 

Answer ID 5168: Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Products
From this answer, select the version link you wish to learn more about.

Answer ID 8030: Documentation and System Requirement Overview by Product area
From this answer, select the product area links you wish to learn more about.

Note:  Some documentation links will only be accessible to those contacts with access to Oracle B2C Service Technical Support pages.  A person must log into our Support pages before they can view any page in our guides.

Data Dictionary
The data dictionary is accessed through the application.  Staff accounts whose profile has the Administration box checked on the Common tab can access the data dictionary from the path: Configuration Items > Database > Data Dictionary.

Select the version link you wish to learn more about. The documentation topics below and more are provided.

Deployment Guide: describes the client deployment and includes procedures for downloading, logging in, and configuring custom deployment locations. 
Online Help User Guide: provides comprehensive documentation for all areas of the current release.
Release Readiness Information: includes the What's New document and New Features Summary. 
What's New: includes a brief description of new features, the steps you need to take to enable to begin using the feature, any tips or considerations that you should keep in mind, and the resources available to help you. 
Update Guides: The online update guide will help you update your installation by providing an overview of the update process, describing specific steps for upgrading from your current release, and showing you how to test and evaluate your update.
The system specifications are also published in Infrastructure Requirements
Video Tutorials: introduce you to product features and offer step-by-step instructions for many common tasks.  
Maintenance Packs: as they are releases within the life of an Oracle B2C Service version, these documents are made available and provide information on code fixes and performance improvements applied to sites.

Integration Manuals:  Integration manuals (or product documentation) are also provided for other product areas such as Cobrowse, Knowledge Advanced, Oracle Field Service and Intelligent Advisor.

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