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Updating with every available release
Answer ID 1344   |   Last Review Date 06/15/2021

Why does Oracle encourage quarterly updates?


Oracle B2C Service


Updating quarterly is the recommended best practice. The newest version delivers enhanced capabilities and improved security, granting your business access to exciting new capabilities built to help differentiate your brand.  Each completed update provides additional innovative and immediate service to customers through the channels they prefer. This set of unified customer service solutions leverages AI and machine learning (ML) to help all service teams rapidly complete repetitive tasks so they can focus on delivering expert, tailored service straight to the customer.  Skipping an update is fine when necessary but should be an exception.

The Oracle B2C Service Version Update Policy is important to understand. Oracle will provide support for Oracle B2C Service releases for the last four (4) releases (the “GA releases”).  With each subsequent release, the oldest GA release will be considered at its End of Life (“EOL”).

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