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Updating with every available release
Answer ID 1344   |   Last Review Date 03/11/2019

Should we update our site every time a new release becomes available, or wait until we have to update for some reason?


All versions, not Auto Update Program enrolled


It is not mandatory for customized sites to update to each release when you are requesting an update for your site. 

Oracle will provide support for Oracle B2C Service releases for the last five (5) releases (the “GA releases”), with the exception of customers who provisioned Oracle B2C Service before June 1, 2017. For those customers, Oracle will support eight (8) GA releases. With each subsequent release, the oldest GA release will be considered at its End of Life (“EOL”). 

However, it is advisable to stay as current as possible with regard to new releases, for the following reasons:

  • New features will be available to be adopted when the time is right for your business, without having any delay caused by upgrading as a pre-requisite.
  • Some fixes in subsequent releases are for issues discovered by our customers in their real-world, production environments. Staying current not only allows you to address outstanding issues, but can also be considered preventative maintenance, as fixes may not seem to apply directly to your implementation, but could surface as an issue later.

For additional information, refer to the following Support Experience Blog: Maintaining a Healthy Site Series: Learning to Upgrade through Minecraft

For additional information on the AUP, refer to Answer ID 6409: Auto Upgrade Program.


Many times, customizations must be migrated to be compatible with the new release. This requires User Acceptance Testing resources prior to the update. For more information on upgrading a hosted site, refer to Answer 1124: Requesting an Oracle B2C Service Update.