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Personalizing automated incident responses
Answer ID 1280   |   Last Review Date 02/25/2019

How do I set up my standard text responses to include names and specific information relative to our customer?


Standard Text, System Variables
Oracle B2C Service


When creating a standard text response, you can append system variables to identify database fields that are populated when the response is sent. These system variables allow you to customize and personalize your various standard text responses.

Standard Text edit page. Click the dollar sign in the Text or HTML Value fields to view available system-defined variables.
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Standard Text Page

When creating or editing a standard text response, click the $ icon on the right to select a table and eligible fields from the database. The database field, in the variable format, will be appended to the standard response. Then, when that standard text response is appended to an incident response field and the incident response is sent, the variable is replaced with the actual content of that field from the database.

For example, click the $ icon and select Contacts > First Name from the menu. The system variable is appended to the standard response. When the standard text response is then appended to the incident thread, you initially see the actual variable format. However, when the response is sent, the variable is replaced with the contact's first name. Additional fields, such as Incident > Assigned, Contacts > User ID, and even custom fields may be included in standard responses using these system variables.