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Recommendation Assignment and Modified Timestamps in Knowledge Advanced.
Answer ID 12380   |   Last Review Date 09/20/2022

How do we understand recommendation task assignment and updated dates?


  • Oracle B2C Service
  • Sites with Knowledge Advanced only, all versions
  • Authoring, Recommendations and Tasks


You can create a recommendation for new content and you can create a recommendation for existing content.   When you create a recommendation for new content it does not have an owner and has to be assigned in the tasks page.  When creating a recommendation for existing content the task is always created and assigned to the owner of the content.  This can also be changed by a user that can modify tasks from the tasks tab by finding the owner and reassigning the task.  They can also be found on the feedback tab under the recommendations list.
While you can see all open recommendations on the Feedback Tab -> Recommendations -> List page, you have to open the recommendation to see who it is assigned to. You can also look at a specific article's recommendations in the content tab, or to see all the recommendations a user owns you can look at the task list for that user.
Note:  Recommendation tasks can be deleted by a user before they are completed.  If this is accidentally done then the recommendation will have a null task and may still not be completed.  In this case the only place to find the recommendation is on the Feedback Tab -> Recommendations -> List page.  All open recommendations are listed there.  There is no way to add back the task.
To find who recommendation tasks are assigned to among all Content Type contents, it is best to run a report. You should be able to find all recommendations and who they are assigned to by modifying the recommendations report and adding the task table.  Do a left join so you will also see the recommendations that do not have a task id.  You want to limit them by the open status (=1) so the report can be easily run.
OKCS_Recommendations table
then in the task table you can find the assigned person.
okcs_tasks table
If the taskid is null for a content recommendation made against specific content it means that this task has been deleted from the console or later by delete closed task batch job. 
Note:  The updated timestamp will show all the system actions taken against a recommendation, notifications, user updates all the way to the task closure and deletion.  This is not just a user action field but also a system field.
okcs_recommendations updated field
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