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Redirect end-user to external login page
Answer ID 12340   |   Last Review Date 08/16/2022

How do I redirect an end-user to my external login page for SSO?

  • Customer Portal 3
  • All contacts required to log in with SSO
Our end-users have to log in with single sign-on (SSO). If their session is expired or if they visit a page URL directly, we want them to be redirected to our company's external login page instead of the Customer Portal login form.
This can be accomplished by changing some configuration settings. For more information on accessing the Configuration Editor and editing settings, refer to Answer ID 1960: Editing Configuration Settings.
  1. Enable PTA by setting the configuration setting PTA_ENABLED to "Yes" on the desired interface or interfaces.
  2. Place the URL of your customer login page into the configuration setting PTA_EXTERNAL_LOGIN_URL.
  3. (Optional) Set the value of the configuration setting PTA_SECRET_KEY to any string. You could also set the settings beginning with PTA_ENCRYPTION_ to any values. Because you are not actually using PTA functionality to log in, this is to prevent that login functionality from being used entirely.