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Finding unsent responses
Answer ID 12315   |   Last Review Date 07/22/2022

How do I find agent responses that have not been sent?

  B2C Service
  Sometimes a response is saved but not sent.  How do I find these unsent responses?
This is due to an agent saving a response, but not sending it.  This query is not intended to catch bounced emails or ones sent to a wrong email.
When an agent saves a response to an incident it will be placed in the threads table. The threads.entered field will contain the time the thread was saved.  When an agent sends an email to the incident contact, the incidents.last_resp field will contain the most-recent time an email was sent. If you would like to understand if an agent saved a response but did not send it, you can compare the two fields referenced above.  A report can be made to find and display any threads where threads.entered is newer than incidents.last_resp.