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Finding unsent responses
Answer ID 12315   |   Last Review Date 07/22/2022

How do I find agent responses that have not been sent?

  B2C Service
  Sometimes a response is saved but not sent.  How do I find these unsent responses?
This is due to an agent saving a response, but not sending it.  This query is not intended to catch bounced emails or ones sent to a wrong email.
 A report may be built using this query:
SELECT i.i_id, i.ref_no, i.last_resp, t.thread_id, t.entered, t.entry_type, t.note FROM incidents i, threads t WHERE i.i_id = t.i_id AND t.entry_type = 2 AND i.last_resp < t.entered
This query will return Incidents and associated threads that have not been sent.  It compares the last response date in the incident to the date the thread was entered.