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Foreign Key Management in the Audit Log
Answer ID 12274   |   Last Review Date 06/28/2022

What is ‘Foreign Key Management’ in the Audit Log?


Oracle B2C Service

Foreign Key Management is the process of re-associating all incidents of a parent object to another object. For example, when a contact is moved from an organization to another organization, the incidents associated with the contact are subject to Foreign Key Management. The Agedatabase Orphan Sweep process re-associates the incidents to the new organization and an entry is made in the Incident Audit Log showing ‘Foreign Key Management’ for the incidents.
The re-associating of the incidents happens where the relationship exists, this means the process can often include incidents that have been closed but have not yet been archived.
The process of re-associating of the incidents also may take several days to complete. This can be due to how large the incidents table is. This means that the re-associating of an incident may not be on the same date that the 'Foreign Key Management' entry is shown in the Incident Audit Log. For this reason, if this entry is found in the audit log, it is important to analyze what may have changed within the past couple weeks on the site.
Oracle B2C Service Technical Support typically does not investigate what actions led to these entries. This is because this Agedatabase process is working as intended to safely clean up or re-associate any data left behind as a result of changes made to the site.