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Handling new message types when using public Chat REST APIs
Answer ID 12269   |   Last Review Date 06/27/2022

If we use Chat REST APIs in our OSVC deployment, then how should we handle new message types?


Oracle B2C Service, B2C Service Chat, Chat Rest API


My client implementation of the Chat REST API is receiving an unknown message type in the response of a get system messages call.


As Chat goes through a continuous cycle of improvements to support new features and enhancements, there are times when new message types are published and need to be handled by the client. The addition of new message types & the handling of these new message types, specifically applies to OSVC deployments that utilize the public Chat REST APIs.
As a best practice, we suggest that all client implementations should handle new message types appropriately. Meaning, the client application should be designed in such a way that any new message types encountered do not cause the client to fail.
As a best practice, please review the documentation for the Chat REST APIs (found in Answer 5169) in order to understand the current message types and any new message types that have been added through the Oracle Service Cloud quarterly release process.