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Microsoft end of support for IE and console workspace browser controls
Answer ID 12224   |   Last Review Date 10/03/2022

Mircrosoft is ending support for IE 11, how will this affect console workspace browser controls?

.Net console workspace browser controls
Microsoft is ending support for Internet Explorer 11, IE 11, on June 15, 2022.
Browser controls in a .Net console workspace use the MSHTML component of the operating system, which is not affected end of support forthe Internet Explorer 11 desktop application. IE11 is still present on Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating systems and Microsoft has indicated that it will be at least until 2029. If a user clicks "un-install" on IE 11 the desktop application is un-installed but the underlying MSHTML engine remains. Both Edge and the Windows OS pull settings from IE11.
The only way to remove IE 11 completely is by editing the Windows registry. The B2C administrative console will not function properly if IE11 is completely removed from the registry.
It is highly recommended that profiles are set to use IE 11 emulation mode for browser controls. This answer has instructions on how to do that. See section 2 on not opening broswer controls in new windows