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Why an Article will not publish on a future start date
Answer ID 12126   |   Last Review Date 03/22/2022

When publishing an article on a future start date why does it not get published?


  • Oracle B2C Service
  • Sites with Knowledge Advanced only
  • Authoring
  • Adding and Editing Content


An article was set to publish in the future. That time has now passed, but the article still isn't published.


First, check in the article or articles. To update the search index, do either of the following:

  1. Publish the article or articles again, or
  2. Run the KB Full Content Update job from Collection Setup.


Checked-out articles cannot be published by the Start Date Publisher (SDP) batch job.


The status will show "Success" in the SDP report in Authoring > Tools > Batch Jobs > Status, but will show that fewer documents were published than expected.

SDP is triggered by the utility okcs-IMBatchJobFifteenMin, which runs every fifteen minutes on sites with Knowledge Advanced enabled if it is not already running. See Updated Admin Pages for Your B2C Service for information on accessing the utility stats page for this and all utilities.