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Incorrect Cutover Date/Time in Email Notifications
Answer ID 12103   |   Last Review Date 03/02/2022

Why is the cutover date/time incorrect in my version update notification emails?

Oracle B2C Service, Version Update
Prior to B2C Service version update, the production site cutover schedule is emailed to Identity Domain users. If the production site cutover date/time appears incorrect in notification e-mails, the correct cutover schedule can be checked in Configuration Assistant under Manage My Update as follows:
  1. Log into Configuration Assistant using an Identity Domain account. 
  2. From the Configuration Assistant home page, click on the Site Operations hamburger menu on the right side of your Oracle B2C Service production site, and select "Manage My Update".
  3. Check under the Update Information section to see the cutover date and time for in-flight update.
If the cutover date/time appear incorrect in an e-mail notification, please check the following:
(1) Notification Time Zone
The cutover date and time in notifications appear in the time zone set under the Identity Domain account preferences. If the time zone is set incorrectly or the user has multiple Identity Domain accounts and one or more of those accounts have incorrect time zone set, the cutover date and time may appear incorrect even though they are actually correct when they are converted into the local time zone. 
To set the time zone for an Identity Domain account, log into My Services dashboard and select a different time zone under Preferences - Service Announcement. 
(2) Notification Type
General maintenance notifications may look similar to version update notifications and the maintenance schedule can be mistaken for the cutover schedule. The main differences are that the title of the notification contains "Maintenance" for maintenance notifications and "Cutover" for cutover notifications.  Maintenance notifications also contain the following sentence:
"There will be no changes to the core product version or functionality of the CX Suite."