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Unable to set up rest API user, can't add API role permissions
Answer ID 12004   |   Last Review Date 11/04/2021

Why can't I add the necessary permissions to an API role?

  • Oracle B2C Service, any version
  • Knowledge Advanced REST API
  • Site has the optional Knowledge Advanced component
  • Unable to set up a rest API user for knowledge advanced
  • I'm following the Quick Start in the Documentation for Knowledge Advanced for the REST API.
  • I can't add any permissions to the API role.
  1. Use a staff account with the sysadmin role for this step.
  2. See Knowledge Advanced Sysadmin Role for information.
  • Initially, the role is granted from the system-defined administrator account.
  • After that, any sysadmin account can grant/revoke it for others.
  • The role cannot be self-revoked.
  • The role cannot be removed from the system-defined administrator account.
  • See the same answer on the system-defined administrator account for information on resetting the password if needed.