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Actions that count as Activity regarding Session Inactivity Timeout in BUI
Answer ID 12002   |   Last Review Date 11/02/2021

What counts as activity regarding session inactivity timeout within the Browser User Interface (BUI)?

Browser User Interface (BUI)
Agents are warned or logged out of BUI due to session inactivity timeout defined in the CLIENT_SESSION_EXP configuration setting or the Session Timeout value on their profile but do not know what is considered "Activity" within BUI.
The following scenarios are known to count as activity within BUI:
  • bringing the browser with BUI to focus by clicking in multiple scenarios
    • minimize BUI and restore via click in taskbar
    • toggle between BUI and non-BUI tab in same browser window
    • toggle between BUI and non-BUI application
    • restore/minimize another application in front of BUI
      • for this scenario the minimizing of the application in front of BUI must result in BUI becoming the application in focus
  • typing in an uncommitted thread (private note or response) on an incident
  • change a field on an incident (e.g. product or subject)
  • opening and refreshing records (e.g. incidents)
  • clicking on tabs in application to change record in focus (e.g. have two incidents open and clicking between the two incident tabs)
  • closing records
  • running and refreshing reports
The above scenarios were verified using the following:
Chrome Version 95.0.4638.54
Oracle Service Cloud 21C (Build 293)
Browser UI Version :