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Live Experience troubleshooting steps
Answer ID 11983   |   Last Review Date 04/04/2022

What steps should I take to help support troubleshoot my Live Experience setup?

Oracle B2C Service, Browser User Agent UI, Customer Portal
The implementation of Live Experience is not working as expected.
Troubleshooting steps for Live Experience before submitting a Service Request
Live Experience has several suggested Troubleshooting steps.
Test to make sure your device is compatible:
Diagnostics Test
Capture a screenshot of the compatibility test's completion; this will be used late.
Check this answer here for a failed compatibility test before continuing.
Live Experience has compatible requirements listed here:
Live Experience Requirements
Next check the Customer Portal Live Experience Controller Setup:
Create an Authentication Endpoint in the Customer Portal
Verify the Origin domain is correct. This will need to match the domain of your Customer Portal.
"Origin: https://<RNOW_DOMAIN>/",
Setup the Live Experience Widget in your site.
Add the Live Experience Widget to Your Site
This function controls the fetch method, make sure your controllers file name matches the request sent.
const getAuthToken = (callback) => {
      fetch(new Request("/cc/LX/auth")) #This line here
      .then(response => { return response.json(); })
      .then(auth => { callback(auth.access_token, auth.expires_in); });
Should the steps given fail to resolve your issue, Technical Support may request the following for the issue you're experiencing:
Console Logs
Include the traces and screenshots of the diagnostics test in the Service Request to Technical Support.