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Requirements to set-up Chat Desktop Notifications
Answer ID 11951   |   Last Review Date 02/09/2022

How Can I Enable Chat Desktop Notifications for My Agents?

For agents handing chats in the Browser UI, a new feature for Chat Desktop Notifications is available starting with the release of B2C Service Chat 21C and newer. B2C Service Chat is a single version service, and all B2C Service Chat customers are updated to the most recent version according to the Chat Maintenance schedule.

Previously, agents did not receive a desktop notification when new chats come in. Beginning in 21C (B2C Service Chat), agents handling chats within the Browser UI have a desktop notification that alerts them when new chats, transfer invites and conference invites require their attention. Agents can take action on the desktop notification by accepting the new chat or accepting/declining the transfer & conference invites from within the desktop notification, which then brings the Browser UI & the chat into focus.

Technical requirements for setting up Chat Desktop Notifications:

  • The Chat Desktop Notifications feature is enabled by default
    • If you would like to disable this feature, then you can create the following custom config verb:
        • Type: Yes/No
        • Yes to enable
        • No to disable
  • Agents must allow desktop notifications when logging into the BUI
    • When prompted, agents should allow desktop notifications for Oracle Service Cloud
    • If an agent misses the prompt, then they can update their browser settings to enable desktop notifications. This setting is generally available for most modern browsers on the Notifications menu. SeeAnswer ID 12069: BUI Chat Toast notification visibility
Please note: The Chat Desktop Notifications feature does not include support for incident notifications.
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