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How to refresh the WeChat Access Token in Oracle Messaging
Answer ID 11911   |   Last Review Date 07/06/2021


Oracle Messaging
Oracle B2C Service


The WeChat Access Token allows Oracle Messaging to access WeChat APIs establish the integration between WeChat and Oracle Service. From time to time, there may be a requirement for you to refresh the WeChat Access Token. 

When requested by Support to refresh the WeChat Access Token, perform the following steps (or see the slide show attached to this answer):

  1. Log in to your Oracle Messaging Administration Page.
  2. Click “+” to add a new channel
  3. Click the WeChat icon, and click Next
  4. Agree to the terms and conditions by clicking the checkbox on the bottom left, and click Next
  5. Click Authorize. A new web page will launch, and a QR code will be displayed. 
  6. The name of the QR code is displayed as well. Depending on the region where Oracle Messaging was provisioned for you, the name of the QR code can either be “Oracle-Messaging-1” or “Oracle-Messaging-2”.
  7. The WeChat Official Account administrator should scan the QR Code using the WeChat mobile application and re-authorize the binding of the Official Account to Oracle’s WeChat third-party platform 

Once the re-authorize operation has successfully completed, the web page displaying the QR code will close automatically, and you should see the timestamp on the WeChat channel refreshed to the current date and time.