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How to request a VPN connection
Answer ID 11826   |   Last Review Date 02/23/2021

How do I request a VPN connection for the B2C Service Cloud?


VPN Connection for Oracle B2C Service


In order to request a VPN connection for the Oracle B2C Service Cloud, please submit a service request on the support site at

This service request will be routed to our Enablement team for confirmation of the purchase/entitlement of the VPN connection.  Once the entitlement has been confirmed, the service request will then be routed to our Environment team to work with the customer and our internal team in regards to the implementation of the VPN connection.

Best Practice Information:
All inbound Oracle Service Cloud traffic is encrypted with HTTPS.  The vast majority of customers do not need a VPN to ensure security for this reason.  VPNs are also cumbersome to setup and come at an additional cost.
A VPN may be necessary if a customer has an integration making calls from Oracle web servers to the customer’s on-site servers AND there is no other mechanism to encrypt data.  However, even in this case, the optimal setup should be implemented in customer's own OCI tenancy, and then routed or peered to Oracle web servers instead of the VPN setup.

If you have additional concerns related to the above, please submit a service request.