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Accessing archived incident records in a report
Answer ID 11291   |   Last Review Date 01/07/2021

How do I view archived incidents in a workspace?


Archived incidents
Oracle B2C Service, All versions


Since February 2015 all versions of Oracle B2C Service (OSvC) have had incident archiving defaulted to 365 days to reduce database size. Although archived incident data is stored as XML outside of the database, there is a table which contains records of each incident archived.

Many useful fields are available to Analytics in archived_incidents such as:

  • Date Created and Date Closed,
  • Reference Number,
  • Interface Id,
  • Subject,
  • Contact Id,
  • Incident Id - While all incident data that joins to i_id is removed when an incident is archived, this field may be important to link external integrations with B2C Service.
  • Date Last Responded

Because these are the only fields contained in the database for archived incidents no other reporting on these incidents is available.

Since the archived incidents table contains contact id, a simple report can be made to show archived incidents by contact on a contact or incident workspace.

Simply create a new standard or quick search report and add the following fields:

archived_incidents.c_id (this field can be hidden),
archived_incidents.title (the original incident subject),
archived_incidents.closed (optional)

Set permissions appropriate to your business process, add a filter on or incidents.c_id then save and name the report.  

The report can then be added to a workspace or to the quick search reports in a navigation set.

Unfortunately at this time the archived_incidents table is not directly available from integrations including Connect, SOAP, or REST. However a report as described above may be run from an integration.