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Setting Answer Editor default format
Answer ID 11821   |   Last Review Date 04/13/2021

Is it possible to set the default format from DIV to Paragraph in the answer editor?


Answers Editor/Workspace


The standard answer workspace's format will be set to "Normal (DIV)".  This means that the HTML editor's automatically generated source code will use DIV tags as text containers.  

If you would like to change this so that the source code is generated with paragraph containers instead, you can configure the answer workspace:

1. In the answer editor select the "Answer Type Container" control (which holds the Question and Answer tabs)
2. Go to the design tab in the ribbon (if you aren't already there) and select the "Use Paragraph Break" checkbox
3. Save the workspace
After this is saved, the editor format will be initially set to "Normal" instead of "Normal (DIV)".  
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