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Managing the new Spam Quarantine
Answer ID 11713   |   Last Review Date 11/03/2020

How do I manage the new spam tool?


Spam management for all sites after October 1, 2020


The new spam management tool has three functions available:

  • Search,
  • Safelist, and
  • Blocklist

From a search you can deliver or delete a message contained in the quarantine.  Safelist allows messages that would normally be flagged as spam to be delivered to your mailbox.  Note that a message delivered from safelist entry will still be scanned for malware.  Blocklist prevents messages from being delivered to your mailbox.

At this time there are no notifications for messages in the quarantine therefore you should check for messages frequently. 

Also, note that there is no configuration for spam confidence levels and our vendor releases no information about scoring of emails for spam or malware.

Additionally the links to help and configuration on the top right of the screen do not work at this time.  



Available Spam Quarantine functions


Searching the quarantine

Suspected spam messages are stored in the quarantine for 14 days.  To search through multiple messages, first specify an envelope recipient with either a full or partial address.

Select whether the search results should match the exact recipient you entered, or whether the results should contain, start with, or end with your entry.
Enter a date range to search through. Click the calendar icons to select a date.
Specify a From: address, and select whether the search results should contain, match exactly, start with, or end with the value you entered.
Click Search. Messages matching your search criteria are displayed below the Search section of the page.

If you have a very large collection of messages in the spam quarantine, and if your search terms are not narrowly defined, your query may take a very long time to return information, or it may time out.

You will be prompted to confirm whether you want to resubmit your search. Please note that having multiple large searches running simultaneously can impact performance

Delivering Messages in the Spam Quarantine

To release a message for delivery, click the checkbox next to the message or messages that you want to release and select Release (the arrow icon) or Release & Add to Safelist (the plus page icon) from the drop-down menu. Then click Submit.

If you wish to submit the email as incorrectly marked as spam after an incident has been created you can submit a report.  Please refer to Reporting spam or malware in incidents created by email

Click the checkbox in the heading row to automatically select all messages currently displayed on the page.

Released messages proceed directly to the destination queue, skipping any further processing in the spam management tool.  Note that techmail still may filter the message based on product configuration or mailbox settings.


Deleting Messages from the Spam Quarantine

To delete specific messages, click the checkbox next to the messages that you want to delete and then select Delete from the drop-down menu. Then click Submit. Click the checkbox in the heading row to automatically select all of the messages currently displayed on the page.


Adding entries to the safelist or blocklist

Blocklists are useful if you are getting multiple spam messages from the same address or if you are in a loop with one email address.  Most commonly email addresses are not used multiple times in spam attacks therefore adding the individual addresses is of little utility.

Safelists are useful if one of your customers simply uses spammy email practices such as writing in all caps or has a poor reputation based on business.  If you are a B2C customer then adding a safelist entry for your customers domain is useful.  Note that safelists will not prevent emails and attachments from being tested for malware.

To create a new safelist or blocklist click the Plus icon.  Then select the list and use the edit (pencil) icon to add individual email addresses.  Note that the Plus icon has no purpose after the list is created.

Up to 500 addresses can be added in the following formats:




  • [],

  • user@[],

  • [ipv6:2001:420:80:1::5],

  • user@[ipv6:2001:420:80:1::5]

Type an address and hit enter after each.  It does not appear that multiple addresses can be added with copy-paste.

Remove any addresses that have formatting error by clicking the red X.  Note that spammers may use overly complex and sometimes illegal email addresses.

Click the checkmark to save your changes.

Note that the Spam Quarantine allows fewer entries in the safelist and blocklist than the deprecated Barracuda Spam Firewall.  Therefore you may need to add domains of known spammers if it is appropriate.

Click here for a video demo of the new Spam Management Tool.

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