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Contacts created by Chat do not trigger Customer Portal hooks
Answer ID 11240   |   Last Review Date 11/14/2019

When a contact record is created from the chat launch page, is the post_contact_create hook executed?


Oracle B2C Service chat launch page using Customer Portal 3.x


An end-user is not logged in to Customer Portal. They access the chat launch page, enter their email and a message, and start a chat. At the end of the chat, a contact record is created for the user. This does not fire the Customer Portal hooks relating to contact creation.


Only contacts with a source of Customer Portal will trigger hooks.

Investigating the contact's source, such as in a report or the audit log for the contact, you will see that the contact record created in this scenario is created by Live Chat under Agent Desktop or the Browser UI; not by Customer Portal (Create Login, Feedback on Answer, etc.). Descriptions of the source_lvl1 and source_lvl2 fields can be found in the Data Dictionary for the contacts table.

Similarly, contacts created via public APIs, Data Import Wizard, etc. will not trigger Customer Portal hooks.

If some automated action needs to be taken after a contact is created (as in the post_contact_create hook) irrespective of source, developers may consider leveraging a custom process and/or business rules, as appropriate.

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