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Refreshing Test Sites After Oracle B2C Service Update
Answer ID 11234   |   Last Review Date 04/21/2022

When should I refresh my test site after completing a production version update?


Oracle B2C Service, Configuration Assistant


Oracle recommends you refresh your test site approximately one week after every production cutover. That week provides sufficient time for the production post cutover processes to complete. The post-processes begin twenty-four hours after cutover and they typically require several hours to complete. Please follow the guidelines below to verify post-processes are complete:

  1. Log into Configuration Assistant.
  2. From the Configuration Assistant home page, click on the Site Operations hamburger menu on the right side of your Oracle B2C Service production site and select "Manage My Update"
  3. Check under the “Production Site Status” section. If the status is one of the following you can proceed with test site creation/refresh:
    • Post Cutover Process Complete
    • On Latest Version
    • Eligible for Update

Please refer to the answer below for more details about the Production Site Statuses in Configuration Assistant:

Check the status of update process with Configuration Assistant