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Bad Date Display Format Causes Subject-Only Subscription Emails with Empty Body
Answer ID 11186   |   Last Review Date 10/28/2019

With Knowledge Advanced, why are Subject-Only Subscription Notification Emails being sent with an empty body?


Knowledge Advanced for Oracle Service Cloud


If a locale has an invalid Date Display format defined, this can cause subscription notifications to send as subject-only with an empty body. To resolve this, confirm the Date Display format is valid (example: MM-dd-yyyy).

For each supported locale, you may define your own Date Display format like MM/dd/yyyy (for 01/25/2019) or  dd-MM-yyyy (for 25-01-2019). This is done at AgentDesktop > Authoring > Tools > Locale Management > Configure page.  

If the default "English United States (en-US)" Date Display format is changed from MM/dd/yyyy to something invalid like mon-dd-yyyy, then the (en_US locale) IM Subscription Notifications will be sent out as subject-only emails with an empty body. 

Note: In this scenario, the Subscription Notifications handler will simply drop the rest of the email content 'silently' (without throwing an error/exception) when it fails in Date Display format processing. As a result, Subject-Only IM Subscription emails with empty Body will be sent out to the end-user recipients.