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Use of Crypto API, OpenSSL and PHP Secure Communications Library for encryption with the Connect PHP API
Answer ID 11025   |   Last Review Date 08/20/2019

Are the OpenSSL and PHP Secure Communications Library libraries supported with Oracle B2C Service scripts?


Oracle B2C Service - all versions

Connect PHP API - version 1.3 and later


Oracle B2C Service comes with its own encryption capabilities for custom scripts and processes. Starting with versions 1.3 and later, the CPHP API provides a base class for encryption/decryption, called the Crypto API. 

This API supports encryption and decryption, as well as other cryptographic functions, protecting the sensitive data used in customizations and integrations.

It comes to replace the use of OpenSSL and PHP Secure Communications Library, offering a more intuitive and efficient manner to encrypt data in customized scripts and processes deployed on the Oracle B2C Service platform.

Details on how to use and implement the Crypto API with custom scripts and processes can be found by accessing online documentation.

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