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HMAC Connect PHP Crypto SHA-256 Implementation
Answer ID 11883   |   Last Review Date 05/13/2021

How do I set up CPHP Crypto API's SHA-256 with a secret key?


Connect for PHP (CPHP), Custom Process Model (CPM), Custom Scripts


How to create a SHA-256 Hashing Algorithm with a Secret Key


The Crypto API's SHA-256 API has no secret key implemented by default. In order to garner the same functionality as PHP's HASH_HMAC, this code example demonstrates how to replicate the same functionality.

function hmac is
        key:        Bytes    // Array on bytes
        message:    Bytes    // Array of bytes to be hashed
        hash:       Function // The hash function to use (e.g. SHA-1)
        blockSize:  Integer  // The block size of the hash function (e.g. 64 bytes for SHA-1)
        outputSize: Integer  // The output size of the hash function (e.g. 20 bytes for SHA-1)

    // Keys longer than blockSize are shortened by hashing them
    if (length(key) > blockSize) then
        key ← hash(key) // key is outputSize bytes long

    // Keys shorter than blockSize are padded to blockSize by padding with zeros on the right
    if (length(key) < blockSize) then
        key ← Pad(key, blockSize) // Pad key with zeros to make it blockSize bytes long

    o_key_pad ← key xor [0x5c  blockSize]   // Outer padded key
    i_key_pad ← key xor [0x36  blockSize]   // Inner padded key

    return hash(o_key_pad ∥ hash(i_key_pad ∥ message))

This functionality can be replicated in PHP using this code here:

The sample code in this document or accessed through this document is not
certified or supported by Oracle. It is intended for educational or testing
purposes only. Use of this sample code implies acceptance of the License Agreement
at .

function standard_crypt($msg){
     $md = new Crypto\MessageDigest();
     $md->Algorithm->ID = 3; // SHA-256
     $md->Text = $msg;
     $hashed_text = $md->HashText;
     return ($hashed_text);
  } catch (Exception $err ){
       echo $err->getMessage();
// Create Signature Hash
function custom_hmac($algo, $data, $key)
    $size = 64;
    $pack = chr(0x00);
    if (strlen($key) > $size) {
        $key = $algo($key);
    } else {
        $key = $key . str_repeat(chr(0x00), $size - strlen($key));
    // Outter and Inner pad
    $opad = str_repeat(chr(0x5C), $size);
    $ipad = str_repeat(chr(0x36), $size);

    $k_ipad = $ipad ^ $key;
    $k_opad = $opad ^ $key;

    return $algo($k_opad.$algo($k_ipad.$data));

$data = "foo";
$secret = "bar";
$bin_hash = custom_hmac('standard_crypt', $data, $secret, false);
echo "HASH: ".bin2hex($bin_hash);


The Connect PHP Crypto API's SHA-256 implementation does not have a secret key implemented.


See the Connect PHP API documentation available at Technical Documentation and Sample Code, then search for "crypto" to view information on the Crypto class in Connect PHP.

You can find further information on HMAC at Wikipedia (external link).

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