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In BUI there is a 30 second time limit on Workspace Rules/Workflow updates
Answer ID 11004   |   Last Review Date 12/19/2019

Why am I getting an error dialog box about a timeout when updating a workspace in Browser User Interface (BUI)?


Browser User Interface (BUI), Element Manager


When trying to save a workspace in BUI that has either workspace rules or a workflow, this message is received:

"Workspace rule execution has exceeded 30 seconds and has been terminated. If this issue persists please contact your administrator"


There is a significant difference between the execution of workspace updates in the .NET console and the Browser User Interface (BUI). This message is a sign of the new behavior. In an effort to prevent the desktop from crashing or hanging without notification to the user, a 30 second timeout exception was put in place. The timeout will stop/kill the workspace update, and as a result, the workspace display may not be as intended by the administrator.  It is possible that CPMs, addins and extensions may not have completed execution. Should an agent see this message, it should be reported to the Administrator for review.

To resolve the issue, it will be necessary for an Administrator to review the workspace/workflow design, looking for looping in workspace rules, reviewing the data that is being updated to see if there are large amounts of data that need to be processed by the workspace, add-in, extension or a custom process.

Administrators should treat this condition as an execution/processing error and work on locating the reason for the 30 second processing timeout. If the following suggestions do not pinpoint the source of the delay, please submit a service request with Technical Support.

Suggestions for troubleshooting a 30 second processing timeout:

  • Eliminate workspace rules issues: In Browser User Interface (BUI) the intention of the development team is to have fewer rules in a BUI workspace than may have been present in a console workspace because there is more functionality available. While there is not a hard limit, keeping the number of rules under 100 was certainly a design concept. Step one here is to review the number of rules that are in play. Workspace rules can be disabled in the workspace for non-destructive, iterative testing to see if the 30 timeout message no longer occurs. Likely, the last rule unchecked prior to the message stopping, is handling the processing of a lot of data or calling a process that is taking too long to execute. Once the rule is located, it's time to examine what it is doing.

    The goal is to identify if processing time or volume of data is the issue. Changing the logic of the rule changes the time it needs to process. From here, you can do your testing to identify the issue. Submit a service request with support if you can not resolve it on your own. When you submit your service request, please identify the workspace, the workspace rule you are testing, and the steps you are using to perform your tests so that we can generate the same result.

  • Simplify the workspace. If the workspace is complex, and you are not sure that workspace rules are the primary issue, it would be a good test to simplify the workspace by eliminating add-in(s), tabs and fields one a time so you can see when the 30 second time message stops occurring. Again, you will back up to the last item eliminated and examine it to see if there is a large amount of data being processed, or if there is a delay in receiving external data. If you believe that a query is not executing quickly enough, you can open a service request with support to ask us to review it for you.
  • The following answer link provides further suggestions for improving the load times of your workspace: Answer ID 10625: Workspace Optimization

It may require a cooperative effort between an Administrator and Oracle B2C Service Technical Support to resolve this issue. We are happy to assist.