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Element Manager current capabilities
Answer ID 11002   |   Last Review Date 04/20/2020

Can Element Manager export/import all of the items needed for setting up an Oracle Service Cloud site?  


Browser User Interface (BUI), Element Manager


Element Manager is a new feature that is still in development and as of today does not support import and export of all element types. Element Manager does not support versioning, and therefore only migrates new elements from site to site. As of today, Element Manager cannot be considered a "one button" solution for migrating configurations from development, to test, and then to production environments. For now, Administrators will need to strategically plan Element Manager package creation and migration operations. Element Manager does not replace the cloning process. It is meant to assist in the transport portions of the site configuration in a manner similar to the Data Import Wizard which helps Administrators fill in gaps of data, not build whole databases. 


Element Manager is designed to allow configurable components to be grouped, packaged, migrated and deployed across Oracle Service Cloud instances in an automated fashion.

Element Manager supports the following element types - with listed limitations:

  • Configuration Settings - custom configuration settings only

  • Custom Objects - You cannot import custom objects or system attributes directly through Element Manager. You must download the custom object schemas and import them using the Object Designer. Element Manager facilitates tracking dependencies on custom objects and system attributes, such as workspaces that use them. Typical message:  "This package contains custom objects"

  • Message Bases - custom message bases only

  • Navigation Sets -  no known limitations with the exception of package size

  • Object Event Handlers - import supports only new Object Event Handlers (items that do not currently exist on target site). Existing Handlers will need to access the Process Designer. Typical message:  "This element already exists"

  • Reports  - does not support the export of Add-ins configured within a report. Typical message:  "There is an add-in in the report which will not be exported"

  • Standard Text - no known limitations with the exception of package size

  • System Attributes - no known limitations with the exception of package size

  • Variables - no known limitations with the exception of package size

  • Workspaces and Workflows - does not support custom workspace ribbon add-in. Typical message:  "This package cannot be processed"

  • Enhanced Business Rules – Element Manager supports export and import of Enhanced Business Rules for the record types - Incident, Contact & Organization. This capability is available from 20.2 onwards, if Enhanced Business Rules is enabled. Import process supports only new Enhanced Business Rules (items that do not currently exist on target site). 

    While importing, the Enhanced Business Rules is created in edit mode (not active state) for the corresponding record type. Administrators will need to enable the imported rules in edit mode after validation and save the changes. 

    Once rules are validated and enabled/disabled as needed, administrators could deploy the edit rule base for a record type so that the rules will be active. 

Element Manager recommends limiting the number of elements in a package for import and export.

We recommend creating packages with 50 or fewer elements to reduce the time it takes to stage and deploy the packages.

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