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Customer Portal Answers not Displaying using SmartAssistantDialog Widget
Answer ID 10964   |   Last Review Date 07/25/2019

Why is my SmartAssitantDialog Widget not showing any Suggested Answers?


SmartAssistantDialog Widget, Customer Portal, All versions


There are a number of prerequisites that need to be setup before the Customer Portal SmartAssistant will display suggested answers

1. Business Rules setup as outlined in ¬†Automatically suggesting solutions for Ask a Question requests
2. Decide how to show the SmartAssistant responses as outlined in What different ways can SmartAssistant responses appear?
3. Customer Portal - End-user page setup to display the Suggested Answers porvided by the SmartAssistant as outlined in SmartAssistant Display Conditions
4. Setup the Contact Visible Answers Report as outlined in Contact Visible Answers Report
5. Check your extensions.yml file. You can find it at the following path, cp/customer/development/config/extensions.yml. Check for any custom overrides within this file

NOTE: Make sure the report chosen in step 4 returns answers in the console.