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Configure Answer Preview and Quick Preview
Answer ID 10939   |   Last Review Date 03/09/2021

What can I do to change the look of the answer preview and quick preview in the console?


Answers, Oracle B2C Service (OSvC)


The enduser answer view pages are not available for viewing by agents until the answers are published. 


The quick preview tab and preview button in the ribbon from the console Answer Workspace are based on 2 files that reside in the customer portal. The answer_full_preview.php and answer_quick_preview.php file located under the folder views/admin are responsible for providing customizable answer previews in the console Answer workspace. The console will not look identical due to certain elements of dynamic HTML content that will not render completely.  When making changes, these files can be accessed via any WebDav connection and found at http://<your site>/dav/cp/customer/development/views/admin/.  To be available in the console, the files have to be staged and promoted via the customer portal admin area found at http://<your site>/ci/admin.
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