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Presite for Oracle B2C Service update
Answer ID 10928   |   Last Review Date 08/18/2022

What is a presite?


Oracle B2C Service site with database size larger than 5GB


A presite is a full production clone which enables the production site to be restored to its pre-cutover state in the event of a critical issue after the production cutover. For more details on the site restore process, please refer to the following answer:

Answer 1688: Restore option after updating

Presite creation starts 7 days before the cutover. The presite data and the production data must be identical for cutover to begin. Therefore, the presite data is regularly updated until cutover. If an error is detected on a presite the presite is deleted and re-created. Cutover will not proceed unless a "healthy" presite exists.


  • If a large scale database update occurs during the 7-day period before the cutover it may cause presite creation and presite updates to take a lot longer. Please refrain from importing or purging a large amount of data during an Oracle B2C Service update.
  • Custom fields should not be added, modified, or deleted during the 7-day period before the cutover. Changing custom fields will result in schema changes that can cause presite failure within this time period.


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