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Workspace rules to include/exclude do not work when using product linking
Answer ID 10813   |   Last Review Date 04/27/2020

Can I use include/exclude workspace rules when Products/Categories/Dispositions linking is enabled?


Workspaces, Products, Categories, Dispositions, Linking, .NET concole


When you have Products/Categories/Dispositions linking enabled, workspace rules to include/exclude will not overwrite the linking.  Meaning, the dispositions which are linked to a product will still display even though you have a workspace rule configured to exclude them.

This is the actual purpose of having the linking feature enabled.  It basically allows you to configure distinct lists of categories and dispositions for the products in your site. Only the dispositions linked to a product will display when the product is selected.

The product linking feature allows staff members and users to select appropriate values from a subset of the overall list of categories or dispositions, so there should not be a need to configure rules to exclude some of the values.

If you do not want specific categories or dispositions to display for a specific product, then linking between the product and the category/disposition needs to be removed.

The behavior of linking and workspace rules described here is for the .NET console only.
For more information on this feature, please refer to Answer 2306: Linking categories or dispositions with specific products.