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Changing the Status for a Task changes the Percent Complete
Answer ID 10812   |   Last Review Date 02/25/2020

Why does changing the Status for a Task change the Percent Complete?


Task Workspaces
Oracle B2C Service


There is a tie between two fields, Status and Percent Complete in the task workspace. 

  • A Percent Complete setting of 0 will trigger a Status of "Not Started"
  • A Percent Complete from 1-99 will trigger a Status of "In Progress"
  • A Percent Complete of 100 will trigger a Status of "Completed"
  • A change in Status from "Complete" or "Deferred" to "Waiting" will set the percent completed field to 0
  • A change in Status from "In Progress" to either "Waiting" or "Deferred" with a percent less than 100 will retain the current Percent Complete value.

For more information on Tasks, refer to Adding and Editing tasks.

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