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Chat REST B2C Service-CREST-Application-Context HTTP header value
Answer ID 10799   |   Last Review Date 03/29/2019

Why is the B2C Service-CREST-Application-Context value not populating the PAPI Meter Log report?


Oracle B2C Service (OSvC)


When making an establishSession chat rest call the header B2C Service-CRST-Application-Context value that I put in is not populating the PAPI Meter Log report.


All raw data from the rest call is inserted into Cloud Auxiliary Storage Service (CASS) while the CX tables (papi_meters/papi_method_meters) store only the rolled-up (compliance) data. Only the raw data will have the application context recorded. The report "PAPI Meter Debug Log" (Report ID : 13130) is used to view records pulled from CASS. This report can be used to view the raw data that will contain the app_context information. The report "PAPI Meter Log" shows rolled-up (compliance) data and does not include application context information.